Schedule of Events 2011 - 2012

All lectures (with the exception of the museum visit) take place at 7:30 p.m at the:
CUNY Graduate Center
English Department, Room 4406
365 Fifth Avenue

Events are followed by a wine and cheese reception.

Friday September 16
Speculative Medievalisms Conference
CUNY Graduate Center
For more information see:

Friday October 14
RUBIN MUSEUM VISIT (*Please note date and location change)
"Pilgrimage and Faith : Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam"
159 West 17th Street

Friday November 4
PANEL: "Sex in Muslim and Christian Marriage Law"
Marion Holmes Katz, New York University
Miriam Shadis, Ohio University
Sara McDougall, John Jay College

Friday December 2
"'Ful lik a moder': The Affective Circuit in the Griselda Story"
Glenn Burger, Queens College and CUNY Grad Center

Friday February 3
"Post-Anglo-Saxon: Early Saints in the Later Middle Ages"
Karen Overbey, Tufts University

Friday March 2
"The Golden Age of Anglo-Norman Historiography—or What Connects the Works of William of Malmesbury, Henry of Huntingdon and Geoffrey of Monmouth"
Paul Hayward, University of Lancaster

CANCELLED Friday April 6
"Writing, Numeracy, and the Poetics of Reckoning in Late-Medieval England"
Martha Rust, New York University

Due to terrible scheduling on our part, Dr. Rust's talk was scheduled for both Good Friday and the first day of Passover. Unfortunately, we were not able to reschedule her for this year. We encourage all of our members to attend the "Digital Middle Ages and the Renaissance" conference that will be held at NYU on the following Friday, April 13. We will be sure to get Dr. Rust's lecture on our fall schedule! Our February, March, and May talks will all proceed as scheduled!
Friday May 4
The Twenty-Second Annual Rossell Hope Robbins Lecture
"The Medieval, the Pagan and Us"
Sarah Salih, Kings College, London