Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Morgan Library Tour
Magnificent Gems
Friday, October 6
Morgan Library
225 Madison Ave, Manhattan

This year’s Morgan Library visit will be on Friday, October 6th, at 6pm, for the Magnificent Gems: Medieval Treasure Bindings show. A docent will be leading the tour. The Morgan’s website explains:

Among the exhibition highlights will be the ninth-century Lindau Gospels, one of the two finest Carolingian jeweled bindings in the world, and the thirteenth-century Berthold Sacramentary, the most luxurious German manuscript of its time.

While the Morgan is waiving its tour fee for us, they are charging us $11 a person this time. The Medieval Club can cover costs for graduate students, but otherwise, we are asking you please to reimburse the club when you arrive for the tour. A check made out to the New York Medieval Club would be best.

Write to me to the President of the NY Medieval Club, Karl Steel, at ksteel@brooklyn.cuny.edu, if you are planning to attend, ideally by September 12th, as the Morgan is asking the Medieval Club to place a deposit on the tour by then. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"The Algebra of Atonement"
Valerie Allen, John Jay College, CUNY
Friday, May 5th
Room 9204
CUNY Graduate Center (365 5th Ave, between 34th and 35th)

Persian mathematician al-Khwarizmi’s Algebra (c.830) and St. Anselm’s Cur Deus Homo, (c.1098) have just about nothing in common. The latter was composed some fifty years prior to the earliest translation into Latin of the former, and the two texts address very different topics: calculation of business transactions on the one hand and, on the other, Christian salvation. Yet algebra developed in part out of the need to divide estates according to Islamic law and was motivated by the need to satisfy entitlement and debt. Understood thus, it addresses concerns not dissimilar to the problem Anselm confronts of how to make satisfaction of the debt owed God. In this talk I connect the texts as two methods for achieving equivalence between incommensurables. I consider what models of equality inform both al-Khwarizmi’s algebraic and Anselm’s salvation equations, and what theological implications follow from Anselm's logical method.

Friday, February 24, 2017

End Time(s) in Medieval Performance
Futurity and Absence
Jill Stevenson, Marymount Manhattan College
March 3, 2017
CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Ave (btw 34th and 35th Streets) 
in the English Studies Conference Room (4406)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Translating the Laws of Crusader Outremer:
A Collaborative Approach
February 3, 2017
CUNY Graduate Center (365 5th Ave, between 34th and 35th)
English Studies Conference Room 4406
Please join us for a talk by Laura Morreale and Nicholas Paul of Fordham University.

Friday, September 9, 2016

2016-2017 Medieval Club of New York Schedule

2016-2017 Medieval Club of New York Schedule
Unless otherwise indicated, all talks will be at 7:30pm
at the CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Ave (btw 34th and 35th Streets) 
in the English Studies Conference Room (4406)

Thursday September 15th, at the Morgan Library. Tour of the Hans Memling exhibition, led by curator John Mariari. You may sign up for either the 5:30 or 6pm tours by writing to Sara McDougall,  at smcdougall@jjay.cuny.edu.

Oct. 7: A presentation devoted to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Jerusalem" exhibit, by curators Melanie Holcomb and Barbara Boehm 

Dec. 2 Maureen Miller, UC Berkeley, "Writing About Clothing in Late Medieval Rome: Papal Inventories, Connoisseurship, and Power"

Feb. 3 Presentation on the Fordham University digital crusader law project by Laura Morreale and Nicholas Paul 

March 3 Jill Stevenson, Marymount Manhattan College, "Making End Time(s) in Medieval Performance"

May 5 Valerie Allen, John Jay College CUNY, "The Algebra of Atonement."